ncert books for upsc pdf

Ncert books for UPSC pdf free download (class 6-12)

If you are looking for ncert books for upsc pdf for free then you are at the right place.

Below i have given downloadable link of ncert books for upsc pdf from class 6-12th.

ncert books for UPSC pdf


1. Class 6 – Our PastDOWNLOAD
2. Class 7 – Our Past -2 DOWNLOAD
3. Class 8- Our past -3 (part-1&2) DOWNLOAD
4. Class 9- India and the contemporary world-1 DOWNLOAD
5. Class 10- India and the contemporary world-2DOWNLOAD
6. Class 11- Themes in World History DOWNLOAD
7. Class 12 – Themes in Indian History (part-1)DOWNLOAD
8. Class 12 – Themes in Indian History (part-2)DOWNLOAD
9. Class 12 – Themes in Indian History (part-3)DOWNLOAD
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1. Class 6- Social And Political LifeDOWNLOAD
2. Class 7- Social And Political Life (Part-2)DOWNLOAD
3. Class 8- Social and Political Life (Part-3)DOWNLOAD
4. Class 9 – Democratic Politics DOWNLOAD
5. Class 10 – Democratic Politics-2DOWNLOAD
6. Class 11 – Political Theory DOWNLOAD
7. Class 11- Indian Constitution at work DOWNLOAD
8. Class 12- Contemporary World PoliticsDOWNLOAD
9. Class 12- Politics in India since IndependenceDOWNLOAD


1. Class 6- The Earth our HabitatDOWNLOAD
2. Class 7- Our Environment DOWNLOAD
3. Class 8- Resource and Development DOWNLOAD
4. Class 9- Contemporary IndiaDOWNLOAD
5. Class 10- Contemporary IndiaDOWNLOAD
6. Class 11- India Physical Environment DOWNLOAD
7. Class 11- Fundamentals of physical geographyDOWNLOAD
8. Class 12- Fundamentals of Human geography DOWNLOAD
9. Class 12- Indian people and EconomyDOWNLOAD


1. Class 9 – EconomicsDOWNLOAD
2. Class 10- Understanding Economic DevelopmentDOWNLOAD
3. Class 11- Indian Economic development DOWNLOAD
4. Class 12- Introductory MicroeconomicsDOWNLOAD
5. class 12 – Introductory MacroeconomicsDOWNLOAD

If you want the hard copy of all the ncert books for upsc pdf then click on the link below-

All pdf which is provided on our website here are for Education purposes only. Utilize these resources for building your knowledge and don’t make it commercial.

If you are preparing for UPSC preparation, then also have a look at UPSC Prelims, UPSC Mains, and UPSC Optional.

UPSC CAGE doesn’t own this book or scanned this book. We are just providing links that are already available on the internet.

Also download other Standard books and Coaching Materials PDF for UPSC


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