useful mnemonics for upsc

Useful mnemonics for UPSC in 2021

Mnemonics are the best memorizing subject that helps the IAS aspirants in easy memorizing large or difficult information in an interesting manner. UPSC aspirants should try to make their own mnemonic according to their creativity and convenience.

In this article I have given some useful mnemonics for upsc which will help you in your exams.

useful mnemonics for upsc

Countries surrounding Black sea–             

    Trick- BURGRT     

  • B-Bulgaria  
  • U- Ukraine 
  • R- Russia      
  • G- Georgia 
  • R- Romania
  • T- Turkey

Countries around Caspian sea–        

Trick- TARIK                                        

  •  T-Turkmenistan 
  • A- Azerbaijan   
  • R- Russia                                                                                                             
  • I- Iran               
  • K- Kazakhstan

Horn of African countries–                

Trick- SEED                                            

  • S- Somalia   
  • E- Ethiopia   
  • E-Eritrea                                            
  • D- Djibouti 

State having Bicameral system–       

Trick- JUMBAK – T                           

  •  J-Jammu and Kashmir 
  • U-Uttar Pradesh                                  
  • M- Maharashtra     
  • B- Bihar   
  • A- Andhra Pradesh     
  • K- Karnataka  
  • T- Telangana

Missiles under integrated programme–                   

Trick- PATNA                                      

  •  P- Prithvi     
  • A- Agni   
  • T- Trishul                                              
  • N- Nag        
  • A- Akash

Kings of Ancient India who practiced Buddhism–    

Trick- BAPU KA HATH                   

  •  B- Bimbisara  
  • A- Ashoka
  • P- Prasanjeet                                       
  • U- Uday sen     
  • KA- Kanishka          
  • HATH- Harshvardhan

SAARC countries-      

Trick- MBBS PAIN                                

  • M- Maldives   
  • B- Bangladesh  
  • B- Bhutan                                             
  • S- Sri Lanka   
  • P- Pakistan 
  • A-Afghanistan                                   
  • I- India           
  • N- Nepal


Trick- PAISA                                        

  • P- Pacific ocean      
  • A- Atlantic ocean                                
  • I- Indian ocean     
  • S- Southern ( Antarctic )                     
  • A- Arctic

Three principles of Jainism

Trick- KFC                                              

  • K- Right knowledge       
  • F- Right Faith                                       
  • C- Right conduct

Great lakes of North America–         

Trick- HOMES                                          

  • H- L. Huron  
  • O- L. Ontario 
  • M- L. Michigan                                   
  • E-  L. Erie     
  • S-  L. Superior   

UNESCO world heritage sites in maharashtra–                 

Trick- E -CAVE                                

  • E- Ellora caves   
  • C- Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus 
  • A- Ajanta caves   
  • V-  Victorian Gothic and Art Deco  Ensembles                                          
  • E- Elephant caves

Schedules of Indian constitution–                                     

Trick- Tears Of Old PM                            

  • T- Territory 
  • E- Emoluments
  • A- Affirmations and oaths  
  • R- Rajyasabha 
  • S- Schedule areas         
  • O– Other schedule areas                    
  • F- Federal provisions, 3 lists
  • O- Official languages 
  • L-  Land reforms
  • D- Defections                                     
  • P- Panchayats   
  • M- Municipalities

Countries surrounding Red sea–                                 

Trick- DESSEY                                         

  • D- Djibouti          
  • E- Eritrea       
  • S- Sudan                                            
  • S- Saudi Arabia  
  • E- Egypt      
  • Y- Yemen

8 core industries of India–                 

Trick- CCC FRENS                                  

  • C- Coal    
  • C- Crude oil      
  • C- Cement                                       
  • F- Fertilizer     
  • R- Refinery product                            
  • E- Electricity   
  • N- Natural gas     
  • S- Steel

Countries surrounding south China sea–                

Trick- SVIMPBCT                                

  • S- Singapore    
  • V- Vietnam    
  • I – Indonesia                                        
  • M- Malaysia     
  • P- Phillippines  
  • B- Brunei                                              
  • C- China          
  • T- Taiwan

African countries surrounding Mediterranean Sea–          

Trick- METAL                                     

  • M- Morocco    
  • E- Egypt      
  • T- Tunisia                                           
  • A- Algeria       
  • L- Libya 

Asian countries surrounding Mediterranean Sea–         

Trick- C – LIST                                    

  • C- Cyprus   
  • L- Lebanon    
  • I-  Israel                                               
  • S- Syria      
  • T- Turkey    

Mughal Rulers–  

Trick- BHAJSAB                                

  • B- Babar    
  • H- Humayun     
  • A- Akbar                                             
  • J- Jahangir 
  • S- Shah Jahan 
  • A- Aurangzeb                                     
  • B-  Bahadur Shah Zafar

Sessions of Lok Sabha–          

Trick- BMW                                                

  • B- Budget ( Feb – May )                                
  •  M- Monsoon ( Jun – Sept )                        
  • W- Winter ( Nov – Dec )               


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