Mistakes you need to avoid while preparing for UPSC

Mistakes you need to avoid while preparing for UPSC in 2021

If you want to clear the UPSC exam in the first attempt itself then you have to avoid various mistakes while preparing.

This article will provide you the complete list of all the mistakes you need to avoid while preparing for UPSC CSE.

Mistakes you need to avoid while preparing for UPSC

  1. Starting without a proper strategy and vision:   If you are starting your preparation without having a clear idea in your mind, then you face various difficulties during your preparation.   
  2. Not committing to a single strategy:  There are tons of strategies available on the web. In my opinion, a smart aspirant will listen to 3 or 4 successful strategies and then add his own valuable inputs and one decides, stick to it, commit to it throughout your preparation. Only change your strategy at that time when you are getting optimum results in your mock tests.
  3.   Not being mains ready before prelims:  This is one of the main reasons due to which aspirants give more attempts. Whenever aspirants are preparing for time, they put more energy into Prelims rather than mains. So what happens is even if they are able to clear the Prelims they aren’t able to clear the mains due to lack of time.
  4.  Not preparing your own notes:  If you are thinking that you will buy the notes available in the market that is not going to replace the notes which you will prepare by yourself. When you prepare, you will be able to revise them properly.
  5.  Not writing answers and tests periodically:  Most of the aspirants have inertia, laziness that they are not practicing answer writing and tests. Always write answers from the beginning of your preparation.
  6. Not referring to the syllabus and previous year’s question paper:    If you are not referring to the syllabus then how can you know what exactly you need to read. Always keep the syllabus in front of you whenever you are making notes, whenever you are reading a book, then only you can realize these are the portions UPSC asks and you have to read accordingly. Coming to previous year’s questions you will get full information on how UPSC asks questions from subjects. So, it is always advisable to refer to at least the last six years’ question paper thoroughly.  
  7.   Reading excessive number of resources:  This one of the most common mistakes which aspirants make while preparing. Please keep your resources limited. Keep reading one book multiple times rather than multiple books. Check out my complete resource list for the UPSC exam.
  8. Wasting unnecessary time on newspaper:  A lot of time wasted by aspirants on reading the newspaper. Newspaper reading is important but aspirants devote 3-4 hours daily to a newspaper which is totally a waste of time. Obviously, when you will start newspaper reading you will use more time but eventually, it should be reduced to 1 hour from time to time. Just read one newspaper and stick to it. Check out how to read newspapers properly for the UPSC CSE.
  9. The destructive use of social media:  Here I am not talking about social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. I am talking about the platforms which you may think of as education like quora, telegram, WhatsApp, and even discussion platforms like forum IAS. Suppose you are writing an answer in quora related to UPSC and eventually you will be indulged in the discussion with other fellow aspirants which will lead to wastage of time. I am not saying give up social media, but use wisely and don’t get involved in any type of meaningless discussion.
  10.  Overthinking about results: A lot of aspirants just keep overthinking which are not in their hands like the results, the success ratio, facilities after getting civil service, etc.  They start to think about their past, future and eventually they end up wasting a lot of energy, a lot of time, a lot of negativity will get in your mind and they lose motivation as well. So, without doing such things try to think about your target, strategy and keep preparing. Check out the complete one-year strategy for UPSC.
  11. Selecting wrong optional:  Many aspirants choose optional by seeing others you have to be extremely careful while choosing your optional subject, As Mark’s scores in the two optional subjects will play a huge role in determining the rank in the final list. You should always choose optional according to your area of interests, availability of study material, or your graduation subject. Check out “How to study optional for UPSC“.

So that’s it. Hope you have liked this article on “mistakes you need to avoid while preparing for UPSC”. 

f I have missed anything regarding this article tell me in the comment section below.

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