How to prepare for UPSC exam with job

How to prepare for UPSC exam with job in 2021

The IAS exam is the toughest exam to crack and it becomes even tougher if you are trying to do a full time job.

In this article you will get full information on ” How to prepare for UPSC exam with job“.

You will be glad to know that many working professionals are preparing for the exam along with the job and also have managed to crack the exam.


  • If you are a working professional you have an optimistic approach to financial security. You don’t have to think about the backup plan.
  • You know management skills and you know how to deal with people and you know how to handle pressure, this thing will also help you in your further career as an officer.
  • You are mature than the beginners i.e. just graduated students. You can show a practical approach in your mains answer and you can tackle problems practically just because of your experience.

How to prepare for UPSC exam with job (Tips)

  • First of all, we will discuss the issues you are facing while preparing for the UPSC CSE exam. Forex you are a working professional, you don’t have time.
  • First of all, make sure you are driven by inner motivation. Nobody has forced you to take this decision. Since in this journey, especially if you are working professionally you are bound to sacrifice some things like enjoying the holiday, partying on weekends, shopping, watching movies, etc. You have to sacrifice all these things and this can be only possible if you are driven by your inner motivation.
  • Study while you are fresh. Do study after you wake up. There is no point in studying when you are already exhausted after working for the day. Civil services are your topmost priority and it deserves your most productive time in a day and I don’t think there is any better time to study after you wake up in the morning. 2-3 hours of study in this period is more productive than 6-7 hours of study when you are exhausted.
  • Utilize your travel time. Download a PDF of your study materials on your mobile or laptop and read them while traveling.
  • Don’t hesitate to take shortcuts. Use readymade revision notes or current affairs notes, watch readymade analysis video of daily current affairs and editorials of famous institutes like vision IAS.
  • Maintain a task list. Use the “Google task” app to maintain your daily task list. Update on what to study on which day, which notes to revise etc.
  • Utilize your lunch and breaks to read editorials rather than hanging out with colleagues. Use your smartphone smartly and avoid distraction. These 30-35 minutes saved every day cumulatively make a huge difference.
  • Try to avoid social or family gatherings. Surround people on yourself who loves you, who support you. They will drive you towards your goal. Keep limited attachment. Talk to your parents. They are your true well-wishers.
  • Use applications like YouTube, Inshorts, The Hindu, Evernote, and so on. If you watch any video on YouTube then watch it on1.5x speed.
  • Do optional preparation on weekends. Finish important topics from the optional syllabus. The advantage of doing the subject on weekends is that you can finish one big topic in one go.
  • Keep your resources minimum. Use a minimum number of books and revise them again and again. Check out the complete booklist for the UPSC exam. Analyze previous year’s papers and focus only on these important parts which UPSC is asking.
  • If you are getting consecutive holidays then use them to finish big topics of optional, or general studies and so on.


(1) Should I leave my job to prepare for UPSC?

ANS- Your monthly salary will stop and this can affect your life unless you have a solid amount in your savings account. Your responsibilities to your family can be affected. You will regret your decision if you don’t make it through the IAS exams.

(2) Can I prepare for UPSC while doing job?

ANS- If you have this article till now then you must have got answer to your question.

(3) Can I clear UPSC without coaching?

ANS- Yes, one can clear the IAS exam without coaching. … If you are good at self-study, you can clear UPSC CSE without any classroom coaching. Check out How to crack UPSC in first attempt without coaching.

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