How to make current affairs notes for UPSC

How to make current affairs notes for UPSC in 2021

The majority of UPSC aspirants are always confused about “How to read the newspaper” or  “How to prepare current affairs and How to make current affairs notes for UPSC.

If you are facing this type of confusion before starting your preparation then you are at the right place.

Current affairs play a vital role in the UPSC civil service examination. Current affairs should be prepared very smartly.

Read this article till last to find out “How to make current affairs notes for UPSC“.

How to make current affairs notes for UPSC

  • As I have already said, use l-shaped files to organize all your notes. Always make notes on an A4 sheet of paper and keep revising and update your notes as you move on with your preparation.
  • You can make notes by two methods –
  1. Handwritten   :2. Digital notes

  Talking about Digital notes, it is easy to make and you can update it from time to time easily.

Now talking about handwritten, the advantages are it is more comprehensive than the digital notes and it is difficult to organize and update notes in handwritten type.

I would suggest everyone go for the handwritten notes but still, you can do that method in which you are feeling comfortable.

When you should start preparing for current affairs for UPSC

  • Start from today and don’t skip the newspaper. From UPSC points of view, questions generally asked 1-2 years from the examination. So it is wise to prepare the last 2 years’ current affairs from the exam date.
  • Come out of your comfort zone. Read the newspaper daily and make notes. If you don’t know how to read newspapers check out our website.
  • Also focus on magazines like Yojana, Kurukshetra. So that your current affairs become more strong.

Do’s and Don’ts while making current affairs notes


  • Don’t cut paste articles.
  • Don’t skip the daily newspaper and magazines.
  • Don’t get threatened by the competition.
  • Don’t spend more time on RSTV on a single day.


  • Always try to make crisp notes so that they will help you in understanding and revising.
  • If you are making digital notes then there is a high chance of cutting and pasting articles you will do. So it is better to stick with handwriting notes.
  • Use an online dictionary if you are struggling to find out the meaning of difficult words especially.
  • Always use a flowchart in your notes for better understanding the Hindi medium.
  • Before taking notes, thoroughly read the syllabus so that you don’t get confused and you have a rough idea in your mind which part to read and which one to skip.

What you will do if you don’t like to make notes

It is ok. Some of you are not comfortable in making notes.

  • Note-making is completely optional. If you are comfortable then go for it.
  • If you are not comfortable in making notes, then read the daily newspaper and refer to readymade notes prepared by various coaching institutes.


(1) Is 1 year current affairs enough for UPSC?

ANS- UPSC has not set any particular period for current affairs questions. Last 2 years current affairs preparation will be on safe side.

(2) How to make current affairs notes for UPSC ?

ANS- If you are reading this article till now you must got your answer to this question.

(3) Is Yojana magazine enough for UPSC ?

ANS- The Yojana is an important magazine for UPSC exam preparation. Next to ‘The Hindu’, it is considered an essential read for success in the UPSC civil services exam. … You must include the Yojana in your reading material for the IAS exam.

So that’s it. Hope you have liked this article on How to make current affairs notes for UPSC“. 

If I have missed anything regarding this article tell me in the comment section below.

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