booklist for geography optional

Complete booklist for geography optional for UPSC in 2021

Read this article till last to find out the complete “booklist for geography optional“.

Points to remember before choosing Geography as an optional:

  • It has a lengthy syllabus and needs lots of memorization.
  • The minimum time required to prepare this subject is 5-6 months.
  • Lots of practice is required during answer writing and maps.
  • Lots of competition in this optional.
  • Check out the Geography syllabus properly before starting.

Complete booklist for Geography optional


  • A Geography by population- R.C. Chandra.
  • Agricultural Geography- Majid Hussain.
  • Climatology by D.S. Lal.
  • Economic and Social Geography-  made simple- by R. Knowles and J. Wareing.
  • Environmental Geography by Savindra Singh.
  • Environmental awareness by R.C. Chandra.
  • Environmental Geography- H.M Saxena.
  • General climatology – Critchfield.
  • Geomorphology – Savindra Singh.
  • Human geography – Majid Hussain.
  • Oceanography – Sharma, and Vatal.
  • Evolution of geographic thought – M. Hussain.
  • Physical geography – Savindra Singh.
  • Political Geography – R.D. Dixit.
  • Regional planning in India – Chand & Puri.
  • Urbanization and Urban system in India – R. Ramchandran.


  • A Geography of India – Gopal Singh.
  • Agriculture Geography – Majid Hussain.
  • Certificate Physical and Human Geography – G. C. Leong.
  • Economical and commercial geography of India – C.B. Mamoria.
  • Environmental awareness – R. C. Chandra.
  • Environmental Geography – Savindra Singh.
  • Environmental Geography – Saxena.
  • Geography of India – Majid Hussain.
  • Geography of the population – R.C. Chandra.
  • Human Geography – Majid Hussain.
  • Environmental Geography – Saxena.


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