best website for UPSC preparation

best website for UPSC preparation in 2021

In recent years, aspirants have changed a lot in the way of their preparation. Initially, the aspirants only refer to certain resources like standard books, newspapers, or coaching notes.

But now there are tons of websites, forums, apps through which you can scale your preparation. It is important to know which website to use and which one not.

So, Read this article till last to find out “best website for UPSC preparation“.

Websites for current affairs

These websites will tell you about day to day happening and will update you about the news.

  1. – This website will update you on what is happening on government, which government scheme is launched, its performances, and some decisions of the Supreme Court.
  2. —  This has programs that live on the national radio and especially listening to program news analysis. It will help in a good understanding of issues.
  3. — Here you can solve the daily quiz and they are related to current affairs.
  4. RSTV YouTube channel The RSTV will be a good source of covering your current affairs especially the debates.

UPSC preparation specific websites

These are the websites which are completely oriented towards UPSC preparation —

  1. — On this website, you can get questions daily and they also give reference articles that will help you make good notes. Apart from it you also got daily current affairs, quizzes, editorials, toppers strategy, etc.
  2. — This website has a good resource of all topics. There paid programs which are very helpful like test series.
  3. — You can get the entire day’s news brief on this website at 9 pm which is very good and essential for revision.
  4. — On this website, you can get a PDF of all books, notes, study material, test series absolutely free of cost.

Websites for General studies paper-1

There is nothing much to cover from website GS-1. But in geography, you can refer to some websites where you can get quality notes.

  1. — Here you can find very good notes for geography.
  2. Rajtani madam and Amit Sengupta sir youtube videos — You can get good video lectures of these two teachers which explain very well.

Websites for General studies paper-2

  1. — This is a government-owned website. So it is really authentic information given here. They provide you government schemes, objectives of different schemes. So instead of moving to different ministries, you can directly refer to this website.
  2. — It can be helpful in covering the political parts of the GS -2 paper. Here you can find the summary of the different bills that are led on the parliament, their objective, its advantage, and disadvantage, etc. Also, a summary of various committee reports is available on this website.
  3. — You can refer to this website for international relations. You can find here a very good analysis of any international event.

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Websites for General studies paper-3

  1. — This website has a lot of articles related to the Economy. This article provides you very good information and arguments that can be used in your answer.
  2. — For referring to specific economic terms, these websites can be very helpful. This will help you in cleaning your concept of Economy.
  3. — Here you can find quality articles related to the environment and biodiversity. These can be a good source for your essay or answer writing.

Websites for General studies paper-4

  1. — This is a very unique website. Here you can clear your concepts on honesty, disciple, integrity, coordination, etc. Dr topics related to stress management, anger management, etc.

So that’s it. Hope you have liked this article on best website for UPSC preparation“.

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