How to study map for upsc in 2021

Each year UPSC asks atleast 3-5 questions related to map in the prelims paper.

So you have understood the importance fo studying maps for upsc.

Majarity of UPSC aspirants don’t know the proper way of How to study map for upsc and they got confused.

Hence in this article I have discussed thoroughly on How to study map for Upsc.

Read till last to don’t miss any important points.

Why atlas is important?

  • It is the third most important thing besides the UPSC syllabus and previous years’ questions paper.
  • Having command over atlas/ world map is very important not only for geography but to understand other subjects of general studies as well.

What should you cover to prepare maps for UPSC

while map studying you should cover following categories-

{A} World Map-

A rough idea of the position of all countries you should have, you can cover this terms in the world map-

  • Important lines- Tropic cancer, tropic of capricon, Equator, greenwich meridian line.
  • Current affairs- It will easy for you cover current affairs of those countries that will be in the latest news.
  • Trade- Canals, sea routes, Air-routes are most important point in international relations.

{B} India Map-

First of all you mustr practice the drawing the outline of India map. It will be of great importance during GS paper-1 and 2.

  • Important latitude and longitude lines and which cities fall on which line.
  • All neighboring countries of INDIA.
  • Rivers that flow in and out of INDIA.
  • Oceanic and coastal regions
  • All states, their neighboring states, and important cities
  • Lakes, mountains, national heritage, cultural heritage, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, industry, cultural heritage.
  • Monsoon cycle, climate, population, etc.

How to study atlas map for UPSC

  • Don’t make any type of special notes ATLAS. Just highlight the important places using a highlighter.
  • Mark anything if you think that is worth marking.
  • Also highlight the important lines such as equator or Greenwich meridian, tropic of cancer, or tropic of meridian.
  • Use sticky notes while highlighting any important things.
  • You can use the oxford student atlas, for preparing for the UPSC exam. It also has a practice question at the back of the book which is very good for practicing.


(1) How can I learn mapping for UPSC?

ANS- Learn about which states share boundaries with which other and how many states. Study all the important cities on the India map. You should be able to point them and also be able to locate which city is to the west/east/north/south of a particular city. Make a note of important cities, states which were in news recently..

(2) How to study maps for upsc easily?

ANS- If you are reading this article till now then you must have got answers to this question.

(3) How do i memorize map pointing?

ANS- Take a blank map. Take an Atlas. Spot the blank map with the area you have to mark. Keep in mind to remember the latitude and longitude, as it will help you to remember the location.

(4) Which Atlas is best for UPSC?

ANS- There is two atlas available in the market i.e oxford student atlas and Orient blackswan atlas. I will recommend you to go for the Oxford school atlas because It also has a practice question at the back of the book which is very good for practicing.

So that’s it. Hope you have liked this article on “How to study map for upsc”. 

If I have missed anything regarding this article tell me in the comment section below.  

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