How to prepare for upsc exam after 12th

How to prepare for upsc exam after 12th in 2021

It is good to know that all of you are so excited to start preparing for UPSC at such young age and starting early will help you for sure. You must be thinking “How to prepare for upsc exam after 12th”.

But there are some things which are important and I want to share those things with you through this article.

Read this article till last to findout How to prepare for upsc exam after 12th .

How to prepare for upsc exam during college

(1) Approach for next 2-3 years-

At any point in time, you should not take any sort of pressure/stress. In the sense, you are preparing for UPSC exam and also doing graduation too.

While preparing for UPSC make sure that you are enjoying the process. Don’t take unnecessary stress. If you are reading NCERTs then read it like a novel.

Also don’t neglect your graduation subject totally. You can expect questions from your graduation subject in your onterview or also you can choose your graduation subject as your optional subject.

(2) Structure of the UPSC CSE exam-

I hope you must know the structure of exam by now. Let me quickly go through it if you dont know about it.

The UPSC exam is conducted in three stages-

  • Prelims
  • Mains
  • Personality test


It is just like a weeding out process. In this stage UPSC filter out the non-serious condidates. In this paper the question asked are of MCQ(multiple choice questions) type. There are 2 papers i.e. GS and CSAT and both are of 200 marks.

If you score more than 33% in CSAT then only your marks for GS papers are considered and the final liist of qualified candidates is based on your GS marks.

Generally, the cutoff for general category candidates goes between 100-125 marks. Also, note that these marks are not carried forward in your mains examination.

(2) MAINS-

It consists of 9 papers –

  • Language A paper (Qualifying in nature)
  • Language B paper (Qualifying in nature)
  • Essay paper (250 marks)
  • GS-1
  • GS-2
  • GS-3
  • GS-4
  • Optional paper-1
  • Optional paper-2

Checkout UPSC mains syllabus for better understanding of all papers.


It consists of 250 marks and the final merit list considers the marks of stage-2 and stage-3 papers.

(3) What is UPSC looking for?

UPSC is looking for a man and woman who understands the nation. A person who is committed to in development of nation.

One who understands the ethics or the basic principles on which our nation is built and developed. This is why we are learning the subject like history of INDIA, Indian polity, Indian geography, Indian economy and so on.

(4) Which Newspaper to read-

This exam is quite different from others traditional exams. Hence we don’t only rely on standard books only. We have to read the newspaper everyday too.

But Why we have to read the newspaper?

To understand the national, we need to understand the issues, challenges that the nation is facing and to know these things easily we can refer to daily newspaper.

Always keep in mind that UPSC always ask issue related questions and while you read the newspaper always target the news related to various issues.

You can read “The Hindu” or “The Indian Express” for your preparation. Also, Read How to Read newspaper for UPSC CSE.

(5) Why and How to read NCERTs-

NCERTs are the basic foundation of yours preparation. There is no rocket science on how to read NCERT. Just grab the book and read it like a novel.

Now you will get a question which ncert to be read, the answer is simple you have to read the higher class NCERTs i.e. of class 11 and 12.

These are most exam-oriented and questions came directly from this. You can also read NCERT from class 6-10 if you want to clear your fundamentals.

(6) Study regularly-

These is the most important point of this entire article. Try to study daily for 4-6 hours. Be it your college studies or UPSC preparation.

Remember one thing usually to crack UPSC one has to study 6-8 hours per day regularly for 12-14 months. So try to read few pages of newspaper everyday and form this habit as early as possible.


(1) Does 12th percentage matter in UPSC?

ANS Marks of 10th, 12th, and even graduation doesn’t matter in UPSC interview at all. If it was then UPSC must have put minimum marks criteria to appear in the exam but there are no criteria like this at all. … If you score well in your mains and interview, you will qualify for the exam.

(2) How to prepare for upsc exam after 12th?

If you are reading this article till now, you must have got the answer to your question.

(3) Which stream is best for UPSC after 12th?

ANS- All streams are best and good if you are good in that respective stream. So always choose your stream according to your likes and interest.

So that’s it. Hope you have liked this article on “How to prepare for upsc exam after 12th”. 

If I have missed anything then tell me in the comment section below.

And don’t forget to share this article with your fellow UPSC aspirant’s friends and also on various social media.  

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