How to prepare current affairs for upsc

How to prepare current affairs for upsc in 2021 [Best and effective tips]

Reading newspapers and preparing current affairs is an absolute necessity. UPSC has became more current affairs oriented recently.

Now-a-days UPSC is focusing more on current affairs while making questions.

Current affairs plays a huge role in preparation of the upsc exam. Questions are generaly asked in all stages of UPSC exams i.e. prelims, mains and interview from current affairs.

Read this article till last to find out How to prepare current affairs for upsc.

Why to prepare current affairs?

Most of the prelims questions like places in news, world reports etc are directly asked in the prelims papers directly.

So you should make a habit of newspaper daily.

You should make sure that you are not missing the news such as political and economic issues, a new development in science and technology field or environment or technology field.

Also in CSAT paper-2 most of the paragraphs are directly picked up from “The Hindu” newspaper. So reading newspaper will also improve your reading comprehension.

How to prepare current affairs for upsc

(1) First of all memorise the syllabus for preliminary and mains examination. It will act as a guide and tell you what to read and what to skip.

Keep printed copy of the syllabus with you, if you have not yet memorised the keywords of UPSC syllabus.

(2) Read one newspaper daily. You can either read “The Hindu” or “The Indian Express”. It is not about the which newspaper is best. It is all about how can be consistent you are.

Also remember that Editorials are the most important pages in the newspaper.

(3) Also try to make notes on A4 sheet. You can also use digital platforms like Evernote to make notes.

(4) Analyze previous year questions. See the percentage of weightage coming for current affairs and prepare accordingly.

(5) Revise your notes periodically.

(6) Watch Rajyasabha TV. Almost 70-80% shows are improtant from UPSC prospective. You can easily cover a good amount of current affairs for upsc.

You need to decide on the basis of topic of the show how that is related to your UPSC sullabus.

While watching RSTV debates, dont sit idle. Grab your pen and paper and take down important points.

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Sources for current affairs for UPSC

  • Newspaper (The Hindu or The Indian Express)
  • RSTV program
  • Science monitor weekly is good for the technology portion
  • Magazines also have a crucial role in the preparation of current affairs. The best current affairs magazine for upsc is Yojana and Kurukshetra.
  • PIB and PRS website
  • Economic survey


(1) Is 1 year current affairs enough for UPSC?

ANS- For prelims 2021, you can focus on the last 1 year’s of current affairs. I.e. June 2020 to September 2021. However, if you have studied the current affairs of months preceding June 2020, please do revise them also as UPSC has a tendency to ask questions from the previous 2 years.

(2) How can i improve current affairs?

ANS- Books and Study Materials for Current Affairs Preparation for IAS. For Prelims, daily reading of a good newspaper, say The Hindu, for 30-45 minutes would be enough as the basic step. For consolidating the news, going through the headlines in various magazines can improve your knowledge of current affairs.

(3) How to prepare current affairs for UPSC?

ANS- If you are reading this article till now, then you must have got answer to this question.

(4) How to read newspaper for UPSC CSE?

ANS- Read this to find out “HOW TO READ NEWSPAPER FOR UPSC“.

(5) Which monthly magazine is best for UPSC?

ANS- The best current affairs magazine for upsc is Yojana and Kurukshetra.

So that’s it. Hope you have liked this article on “How to prepare current affairs for UPSC”. 

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