How to read newspapers for UPSC CSE in 2021

Almost all the UPSC aspirants know the importance of reading newspapers regularly for the exam.
Along with the NCERT books, reference books newspapers provide you vital knowledge related to current affairs which is a crucial component of the questions asked in this exam.
But most of the aspirants don’t know How to read newspapers for UPSC CSE point of view. 

While reading the newspaper it is not necessary to read the whole newspaper. There are some Do’s and Dont’s to take care of while reading a newspaper. Read this article till last to find out How to read newspaper for UPSC preparation.

The most recommended  Newspaper for UPSC CSE aspirants is “The Hindu”. You can also read “The Indian Express” if you are a beginner and not comfortable with the vocabulary of “The Hindu”. 
Along with the Daily Newspaper, you must read these sources for better knowledge of current affairs-
  • Yojana Magazine
  • Press Information Bureau(PIB) 
  • Website of various ministries
  • PRS India
Read this article till last to know about “How to Read Newspaper for UPSC for beginners.


In the whole Newspaper, 5-6 pages are important for the UPSC exam point of view.
It Includes the front page, News, or nation articles, Editorial pages, Business or economy page, and Science and Technology page.
The pages like sports, Political News, Local News should be skipped.


Grab your newspaper and have a glance at the whole Newspaper for a few minutes.
Now strike out all the important and not important articles by pointing them out.
Now the question arises “How to decide which article is important and which article is not”…check below.
Never focus on Political news, Always discard this type of news. You can focus on some political news if there is a debate related to certain articles of our constitution.
Focus on articles on Social and economic issues related to Women’s, Education, Public, health, Developmental issues, Poverty, Urbanisation, minority-related issues.
Also, focus on the articles related to National and International importance.
Focus on the News related to Supreme court and High Court verdicts. This type of article will boost your performance in Current Affairs and GS-2 preparation.
Always avoid the news related to Deaths, Awards, Sports.
Now comes the most important page of the newspaper from the UPSC exam perspective i.e. The Editorial page. This article will help you in answer writing.
The editorial page provides an essential analysis of the current issue which is beneficial in answer writing.


(1) Be thorough with your syllabus. Take a printout of the syllabus and have a look always. A thorough reading of the syllabus will help you in picking the relevant news.
(2) Have a look at your previous year’s question. You will get a rough idea of what type of questions are asked related to current affairs. So that you can read the newspaper accordingly.
(3) Make notes while reading the newspaper. Your notes should be crisp and relevant. Rather than making handwritten notes, you can make digital notes for saving more time. You can use apps like Evernote to save news clipping for quick reference.
(4) Don’t only rely on the newspaper only. Compile your preparation along with the weekly and monthly compilation of various coaching institutes.
(5) Whatever you read try to classify them into various categories like Geography, Polity, History, Economics, Ecology, Science and technology, etc. It will help you in keeping all notes properly and makes your preparation easy. 
(6) You don’t need to go deep into every news. You have to understand the basic problems, the policy included, the people involved, and its implication for the country and society.
(7) Don’t give up newspaper reading after some days of starting. The first few weeks may difficult or boring but eventually, you will improve your newspaper reading skills.



(1) Which newspaper should I read for UPSC?
Ans- The Hindu is the most recommended newspaper for UPSC aspirants. But you can also refer to The Indian Express newspaper if you are not comfortable with The Hindu.
(2) Is Newspaper reading required for UPSC?
Ans- Along with NCERT books and reference books, Newspapers provide vital study materials for current affairs which is very very important for answer writing.
(3) How to read newspaper online for UPSC?
Ans- Download the “UPSC MAG” mobile application from the play store if you want to read the newspaper for free. This app provides you pdf of all newspapers, magazines regularly for free. 
(4) What is the best time to read the newspaper?
Ans-  The best time to read newspapers is in the morning. Make sure you have 50-55 minutes of time to invest in reading the newspaper. Don’t read the newspaper while traveling. 
So that’s it. Hope you have liked this article on “how to read the newspaper for IAS”. 
If I have missed anything regarding this article tell me in the comment section below.
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