Complete one Year strategy for UPSC CSE 2021

Many aspirants think that Is it possible to crack the UPSC IAS exam with one year of preparation? or you are looking for a 1-year study plan for UPSC 2021 then you are at the right place.
Today in this article I will provide you a sample Complete one Year strategy for UPSC CSE 2021. Read this article last to find out the strategy.
(1) Don’t start your preparation without a clear strategy. Please remember if you start your preparation blindly without any vision then the hard work you will put in will not deliver any results. Take your time and start with a proper plan.
(2) Strategy you made should be feasible. That should not be unrealistic. For example, Completing the main syllabus in 1 month. 
You should make a strategy according to your capability. Don’t copy anybody’s strategy blindly. 
(3) Once you formulate your strategy don’t get deviate from it unless and until not getting any results. Stick with your own strategy and don’t follow anybody blindly.


Every strategy is based on certain targets or goals. You have to choose some targets if you are preparing a strategy of your own.
I have given here a strategy with four targets-
(1) Be Mains ready before prelims. Try to finish the maximum syllabus of mains before prelims.
(2) Always make short notes on each and every topic of the GS paper. Follow your syllabus and makes notes on each topic.
(3) Complete the optional at least once before prelims.
(4) Ensure sufficient answer writing practice before prelims.
You can choose your own targets wisely based on your own thinking and then formulate your own strategy and keep in your mind that the strategy should be feasible.


You must create your own road map for your preparation. Below I have given a sample road map. You can use it for your preparation and also you make your own by taking reference from this.
I have divided the preparation into four phases-
  • Phase-1 (July-October)
  • Phase-2 (November-February)
  • Phase-3 (March-prelims)
  • Phase-4 (After prelims)


(1) In this phase your main priority should be preparing an optional subject. Try to give major focus to your optional as it is the main game-changer in the UPSC exam.
(2) Practice daily answer writing based on the editorials in the newspaper. It will help you in preparing your answer writing practice for the mains exam. 
Please don’t wait till you complete your syllabus and then you will practice answer writing. Try to practice answer writing from the day-1.
(3) For those who are taking coaching classes I would recommend you revise what is being taught in your coaching classes and the rest of your time devoted to the optional subject.  
(4) For those who are self-study and worrying about GS I will recommend you to start reading with NCERT and rest your time give to optional.


 (1) In this phase your main priority should be the General study paper. You must have finished your optional once in the first phase. So now you should focus on your general studies.
(2) I will obviously recommend you to continue with reading the newspaper. But you can stop daily answer writing.
(3) Start giving full 3-hour mains format mock test on GS. You can give your test on various online mediums also.
(4) Revise your optional slowly and try to give a few 3 hours tests on the optional subject.
(5) Please don’t forget to prepare essays. Start writing essays once in a week or once in two weeks.


(1) In this phase your only priority should be prelims preparation. If you are thorough with your mains syllabus then you are fully ready to clear the prelims.
Only you need to do is give 2-3 months for revising your notes.
(2) Periodically revise the notes from a preliminary perspective. You should only revise those contents from the note which you believe are required from prelims.
(3) Try to attempt a maximum number of mock tests.
(4) You can stop reading the newspaper from 1-2 months from prelims.


(1) In this phase your only priority should be the mains.
(2) I will recommend you to start with the optional. First, take up topics that not covered properly in phase-1.
(3) Before the results of prelims, complete the GS topics which you left out earlier and revise it properly.
(4) Periodically revise the complete set of notes i.e. both optional and general studies.
(5) Finally give 3 hours test as much as possible. Please don’t wait now if you want to succeed.
I am not saying you to follow this UPSC study plan blindly. I am not saying that this UPSC strategy can work for you or not. 
This is just a sample 1-year strategy to crack UPSC. If you are comfortable with this plan you can go for it and also you can make your own strategy.



(1) How can I clear my UPSC in 1 year?
Ans- If you have this article till now then you must have got your answer to this question.
(2) How many hours should an IAS aspirant study?
Ans- It totally depends on the capability of the aspirant. You can study for 6 hours or you can study for 14 hours. But you need to be consistent and be attentive while your preparation. 
(3) How to prepare for UPSC exam without coaching?
Ans- Yes you can clear the UPSC exam on the first attempt. The only thing you need to do is lots of hard work along with smart work, ruthless determination, consistency, and lots of patience while preparation.  
So that’s it. Hope you have liked this article on “Complete one-year strategy for UPSC CSE 2021″. 
If I have missed anything regarding this article tell me in the comment section below.
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